Trabecular Micro-Bypass Surgery

The treatment for glaucoma has come a long way. Today’s advanced technologies and procedures make it possible to diagnose and successfully manage this progressive disease. And while the overall goal of treatment has always remained the same — reducing intraocular pressure (IOP) and glaucomatous progression — Trabecular Micro-Bypass Surgery is quickly becoming a widely-accepted approach for lowering eye pressure in mild-to-moderate open-angle glaucoma. 1

Glaucoma Therapy Advances

Glaucoma is primarily managed with prescription eye drops. If a patient’s glaucoma progresses or the patient stops responding to the eye drops, a surgical solution is offered. These surgical solutions are often highly invasive, require long recovery times, and could result in long-term complications.

As technology has progressed, less invasive techniques have emerged that have improved the safety profile for glaucoma surgery. This has opened more surgical options for patients interested in effective glaucoma management that does not rely solely on the continuous use of prescription medication.

A Revolution in Glaucoma Therapy

With the development of trabecular micro-bypass technologies, options such as iStent inject® W have become the preferred approach to glaucoma management for many eye doctors and their patients with open-angle glaucoma.

Performed at the time of cataract eye surgery or as a stand-alone procedure, iStent inject® W builds on the technology of iStent inject, proven to be effective in decreasing IOP, with an excellent safety profile, few complications, and fast recovery time. 2

iStent inject W may also reduce patients’ need for medications as determined by an eye doctor. In a consecutive case series, the majority of patients who received iStent inject remained medication-free at three years.2 Other benefits associated with this innovative treatment include:

• Minimally traumatic to delicate eye tissue
• Effectively lowers IOP
• Excellent safety profile
• Rapid recovery

The iStent inject W Procedure

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2. Hengerer FH. Personal experience with second-generation trabecular micro-bypass stents in combination with cataract surgery in patients with glaucoma: 3-year follow-up. ASCRS 2018 Presentation.

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