Understanding Your Options

Glaucoma can be successfully treated, but early detection is vital, which is why most eye doctors check for glaucoma during regular eye exams.

Determining your best glaucoma treatment option begins by talking to your eye doctor, who can help you get a clear and specific understanding of your glaucoma treatment needs. If you have been diagnosed with mild-to-moderate glaucoma, some treatment options your eye doctor may recommend include:

Prescription Eye Drops for Glaucoma

The most common treatment for high eye pressure and glaucoma is prescription eye drops. When taken as directed, glaucoma eye drops can reduce high eye pressure, most commonly by decreasing the amount of fluid created or by helping fluid drain from the eye.

Your eye doctor may prescribe more than one type of medication to manage your glaucoma over time. Be sure to tell your eye doctor if you’re taking other medications that may interfere with glaucoma eye drop medications.

Trabecular Micro-Bypass Surgery with iStent inject® W

iStent inject W is a tiny medical implant—one of the smallest known to be implanted in the human body—that is designed to restore your eye’s natural ability to drain fluid out of the eye to reduce intraocular pressure. Designed for patients with open-angle glaucoma, iStent inject W is implanted at the time of cataract surgery or as a stand-alone procedure. You won’t see or feel the device after it’s inserted, but it is designed to effectively manage your eye pressure.

To date, trabecular micro-bypass technologies developed by Glaukos – like iStent®, iStent inject®, and iStent inject® W – have already been implanted in more than 600,000 eyes around the world, with more and more procedures happening daily.

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Help is right around the corner. Leading ophthalmologists in the United Kingdom offer iStent inject® W as part of their treatment for glaucoma. You can enquire if you are a suitable candidate for iStent inject® W by contacting an ophthalmologist near you.

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