Clinical Data

Clinical Data

Trabecular micro-bypass technology developed by Glaukos has been studied extensively around the world and its efficacy has been demonstrated in 75 peer-reviewed articles, 5 years of clinical use, and over 300,000 eyes.


Numerous studies have demonstrated that iStent inject® is effective in lowering IOP.

In one notable study, 63% of eyes had IOP ≤18 mmHg and 69% had IOP reduction ≥ 20% without medication at 24 months.1

Another study published by Hengerer, et al., demonstrated substantial reductions in IOP. At 18 months, mean presented IOP was 13.6 ±1.9 mmHg, representing a 48% decrease from preoperative mean medicated IOP.2

A second line study, conducted by Fea,, in Europe, showed that the use of iStent inject® is at least as effective as two medications. At the 12-month vision subjects in the stent group reported an unmedicated intraocular pressure reduction of ≥20% versus baseline IOP.3

Additionally, in the 12-month postoperative visit of the Synergy Study, a multi-center study conducted in Europe, subjects who remained off mediation demonstrated a mean IOP reduction of 34% as compared to the medicated screening.4


In the Hengerer, et al. study, 87% were either medication free or on only 1 medication at 18 months. Additionally, overall mean medication use was lowered by 2.1 medications, representing a 76% decrease in mean medication burden.2

The Synergy Study showed that 72% of patients experienced IOP reduction ≥20% without elimination of medication at 12 months postoperative.4


The iStent inject® procedure spares conjunctival tissue and preserves the potential for future treatment options. Additionally, a natural episcleral back pressure of 8-11 mm Hg in the trabecular meshwork reduces the risk of hypotony.

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