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iStent inject® W is the market-leader from the pioneering experts in Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS). It represents the next generation of Glaukos trabecular micro-bypass technology, which has been proven safe and effective in hundreds of thousands of eyes worldwide.

iStent inject® W creates two bypass pathways through the trabecular meshwork, resulting in multi-directional flow through Schlemm’s canal, and is advancing the standard of care for glaucoma patients.

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As the corporate founder of MIGS,
Glaukos revolutionized the traditional glaucoma treatment and management paradigm.

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Micro Stents. Macro Efficacy.

Micro Stents. Macro Efficacy.

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iStent inject® W builds on trabecular micro-bypass technology of iStent inject®, which has demonstrated efficacy across a wide range of clinical studies.

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Two iStent inject® W devices that use trabecular micro-bypass technology.

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Integrating iStent inject® W into your practice helps you expand care, and provide a wider range of benefits to many of your patients. As a trusted industry leader—and the corporate founder of MIGS—we have the experience, tools, and training to make integration easy.


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iStent®️ technologies have demonstrated efficacy across clinical studies

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iStent inject® W Important Safety Information

Indication for Use

The iStent inject® W Trabecular Micro-Bypass System Model G2-W is indicated for use in conjunction with cataract surgery for the reduction of intraocular pressure (IOP) in adult patients with mild to moderate primary open-angle glaucoma.


The iStent inject® W is contraindicated in eyes with angle-closure glaucoma, traumatic, malignant, uveitic, or neovascular glaucoma, discernible congenital anomalies of the anterior chamber (AC) angle, retrobulbar tumor, thyroid eye disease, or Sturge-Weber Syndrome or any other type of condition that may cause elevated episcleral venous pressure.


Gonioscopy should be performed prior to surgery to exclude congenital anomalies of the angle, PAS, rubeosis, or conditions that would prohibit adequate visualization of the angle that could lead to improper placement of the stent and pose a hazard.

MRI Information

The iStent inject® W is MR-Conditional, i.e., the device is safe for use in a specified MR environment under specified conditions; please see Directions for Use (DFU) label for details.


The surgeon should monitor the patient postoperatively for proper maintenance of IOP. The safety and effectiveness of the iStent inject® W have not been established as an alternative to the primary treatment of glaucoma with medications, in children, in eyes with significant prior trauma, abnormal anterior segment, chronic inflammation, prior glaucoma surgery (except SLT performed > 90 days preoperative), glaucoma associated with vascular disorders, pseudoexfoliative, pigmentary or other secondary open-angle glaucomas, pseudophakic eyes, phakic eyes without concomitant cataract surgery or with complicated cataract surgery, eyes with medicated IOP > 24 mmHg or unmedicated IOP < 21 mmHg or > 36 mmHg, or for implantation of more or less than two stents.

Adverse Events

Common postoperative adverse events reported in the iStent inject® randomized pivotal trial included stent obstruction (6.2%), intraocular inflammation (5.7% for iStent inject® vs. 4.2% for cataract surgery only), secondary surgical intervention (5.4% vs. 5.0%) and BCVA loss ≥ 2 lines ≥ 3 months (2.6% vs. 4.2%).


Federal law restricts this device to sale by, or on the order of, a physician. Please see DFU for a complete list of contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse events.