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iAccess® Precision Blade

The iAccess® Precision Blade was developed by Glaukos in partnership with ophthalmic surgeons. iAccess® is designed to open the trabecular meshwork over an area >90° to directly access Schlemm’s canal. When medically necessary, precision goniotomy with iAccess® minimizes tissue disruption and is designed to preserve the eye’s natural blood-aqueous barrier.

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iAccess® Precision Blade is designed to:

Maintain the eye’s natural blood-aqueous barrier.

Create consistent precision goniotomy incisions.

iAccess® is designed to preserve the eye's natural anatomy while maximizing outflow.

Preserving tissue. Maximizing outflow.

  • 30-gauge, precision-lathed titanium nitride-coated blade creates ~220-µm-diameter incisions
  • 300-µm-deep built-in safety backstop
  • Ergonomic, custom-tapered handle designed for comfort and control

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iAccess Important Safety Information

Indication for Use

The Glaukos iAccess Trabecular Trephine is intended for use in ophthalmic surgical procedures to manually cut trabecular meshwork TM in pediatric and adult patients.


The Glaukos iAccess Trabecular Trephine is contraindicated in eyes where there is poor visualization of angle structures.


Physician training is required prior to use of the iAccess Trabecular Trephine, including intraoperative gonioscopy. Do not use the Glaukos iAccess Trabecular Trephine if there is poor visualization of angle structures. Improper visualization could result in damage to adjacent eye structures. Do not re-sterilize or reuse the device as this may result in infection and/or intraocular inflammation, as well as occurrence of potential postoperative adverse events.


Federal law restricts this device to sale by, or on the order of, a physician.

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