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Healthcare Professionals

Evolving Design. Advancing Predictability.

iStent inject® W represents the next generation of Glaukos trabecular micro-bypass technology, which has been proven safe and effective in hundreds of thousands of eyes worldwide. iStent inject® W creates two bypass pathways through the trabecular meshwork, resulting in multi-directional flow through Schlemm’s canal, and is advancing the standard of care for glaucoma patients.

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A Breakthrough for Glaucoma Treatment

Discover how MIGS is helping eye care professionals and patients effectively manage intraocular pressure like never before.

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Two Outflow Pathways. One New Standard.

Learn how iStent inject® W, when used in conjunction with cataract surgery, is transforming the treatment of glaucoma.

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Micro Stents. Macro Efficacy.

See the latest clinical data around patient outcomes.

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Our Comprehensive Support. Your Uncompromising Patient Care.

Integrating iStent inject® W into your practice helps you expand care, and provide a wider range of benefits to many of your patients. As a trusted industry leader—and the corporate founder of MIGS—we have the experience, tools, and training to make integration easy.

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Commitment to Eye Care Professionals

Join us at one of our upcoming events and discover the latest technology and surgical options used to lower intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients.

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As a service to Our Customers, Glaukos Provides a Reimbursement & Billing Guide


Scientific Advisory Board

Partnering with Leaders in Glaucoma Management

Scientific Advisory Board
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Request the iStent inject® W posters presented at ARVO 2021

Five posters presented at ARVO 2021 highlight the efficacy and safety of the iStent platform as compared to other procedures.

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